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Side Walk Chalk: the new generation of ART

26 Oct

Julian Beever, an English artist, goes through European cities and makes his art ON the sidewalk. The art is designed to look real and 3D, even when it’s flat on the sidewalk! Take a look at some of this cool artwork:

some call Julian the "pavement picasso" 🙂













Julian's work is so realistic! That people in cars will avoid "potholes" he's drawn on the road.




Part 2: Funniest Pictures Ever

11 Oct

taken from***

Greatest Website Ever… (Part 1)

11 Oct

I know. I probably do waste to much time. (: But there really are some great and pointless websites out there in the world.

Try these… – it really is pointless you know…

So, I’ve combined some of my favorite things and I will put them in my next posts