A Guide 2 Halloween Party Time

24 Sep

A Great Theme: Most people go with the classic “free-for-all”
concept at a Halloween party, if you come in a costume, you’ve done your job
right! But if you’re looking for a specific theme for your party, try one of

  1. Superheroes and Villains – this works great in
    pairs too, if you want. (i.e. superwoman &  super man; batman & joker)
  2. Horror Movie Halloween Party – come as a
    character from your favorite horror movie! Watch all the movies (have people
    bring their DVDs) or just the best clips from the movies
  3. Vampires Ball – Twilight, Vampire Diaries:
    vampires are popular. Why not make a party out of it???
  4. Mummy Masquerade – this one is quite funny
    actually! Seeing all your friends wrapped up isn’t an everyday thing!

Sweet Treats: every Halloween party needs great food to eat,
grab some friends and try these recipes for your party!

  1. Sugar cookies – take sugar cookie dough and use
    cookie cutters to make the shapes you want. When they’re done, grab some
    friends and decorate with frosting
  2. Witches hats – take some pre-made (or make them
    yourself) cookies with chocolate on the bottom, for example: Girl Scouts’ Samoa’s
    cookies, and use frosting to stick a Hershey Kiss to the top of each one. Complete
    the hat with a frosting ribbon
  3. Strawberry ghosts – take strawberries and dip
    them in white chocolate up to the stems, when they dry, use black frosting to
    make a ghost face on the upside down strawberry. Set a bunch of them on a
    platter for your guests!

Activities: So you have the costumes, you have the treats,
now what? Well, you need something to keep your guests entertained! Depending on
if you have a theme or not, there are a lot of options for this.

  1. Pumpkin Carving
  2. Watch Horror Movies
  3. Poker with Candy – instead of playing for money,
    play for candy!
  4. Haunted House – takes a lot of work, but if you’re
    willing to make it before, you can have your guests go through the haunted
  5. Scary Story Telling
  6. Mummy Wrap – Have two teams and race to see
    which team can wrap all their members COMPLETELY with toilet paper first
  7. Scavenger Hunt in the Dark – if you’re having
    the party at night, before the party hide items (plastic skulls, bones, spiders
    from the Party store) in your back yard. Once it gets dark, have your guests
    team up to find the items.

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