Guide 2 Halloween: Costumes!

22 Sep

Hi! So since Halloween is coming up, thought I might make a Guide 2 Halloween(:

First categorie: Halloween Costume Ideas! So depending on whether you want to do a costume by yourself or with friends I have a couple ideas (and I tried to find good pictures, your welcome.)

By yourself:

Nerd – not many people do this anymore and you can really make it cute! I’m thinking a Katy-Perry-inspired look from her new song Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) There are tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube for this and you can look just like her!

Katy Perry Last Friday Night
Hippie – this is cute and inexpensive! All you need is some bright clothes, glitter, and maybe some paint! (: Get a bright neon shirt, and cut off one shoulder and put a tank top under it. Then, wear shorts with bright tights under it. And wear a headband around your head. Complete the look with converse shoes!

Grandma – this is so funny, especially if you’re a guy! But you have to go ALL OUT: wig, purse, your moms clothes! (kidding about your mom’s clothes of course!) And don’t forget the carpet bag and elderly cane to compete it!

Barbie – you probably want to be blonde for this but be a barbie! Really great!(:

All you need is some makeup, long blonde hair/wig, and HIGH heels and a cute outfit! If you really want to go all out, you can put a box on yourself!

iPhone – everyone does the rubix cube, but not everyone does an iPhone yet! Be the FIRST! (: And a little CARDBOARD IS ALL YOU NEED. Of course, if you’re artistic, you can paint the apps on. Or you can print and glue them on!

 You know that’s CUTE!:D

Cleopatra – Some gold jewelry, a white sheet, black eyeliner, and a black wig = set to go! EASY. CUTE. ORIGINAL.



skittles – all you need is black shorts and a colorful shirt with an S on it you can do this with like 10-15 friends

christmas characters – already in the christmas spirit???? Get a head start! Get your friends to join you and dress up as snowmen, elves, santa clauses, eskimos, reindeer, whatever floats your boat!(:

coloring crayons – again, all you need is colorful clothes that you can write CRAYOLA on! (: Cute and fun for 10 – 15 people

Cruella DeVil and her dalmations – original and really cute! You can get the cruella outfit and your friends can be the pups!(:

Happy Meal – one person could be each: Big Mac, Coke, fries, Milkshake, Chicken Nuggets, you can keep on going!

The Classic Americans – one person could be each: Hamburger/Cheeseburger/Hotdog, Ketchup, Mustard, Fries, Apple Pie! (:

Jersey Shore Gang – not a personal favorite, but everyone else seems to like it!

High School Musical Characters – If you’re guys and girls: Troy, Gabriella, Monique, Chad, etc.

Harry Potter Characters – I’ve never seen Harry Potter (I know, I know, everyone says I’m crazy!) But there are a bunch of characters to be together

Poker Hand – Have the a couple friends be the poker chips, a couple friends be the winning hand, and one friend could be the table???? haha

Red Neck Family – Ripped jeans, cowboy hats, country accents, all out! haha This is fun, but don’t offend anyone, so be careful!

Smurfs – If you want blue face paint, you could do long sleeve blue shirts and pants/tights and be great!

Olympic Athletes – swimmer: swim suit, swim cap, and goggles; basketball player: basketball uniform, medal, trophy; just keep on going!

Spongebob characters – people do spongebob SOMETIMES, but you never see the whole gang together!



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