Demi Lovato New Album

21 Sep

That’s right! Demi Lovato is back from rehab and ready to rock!(: The singer released her new album Unbroken Monday at midnight. The album, with songs featuring Jason Derulo and Dev, has a whole new feel to it. There is a wide range of music genres in these songs too.

She just seemed like the average tween popstar to me when she joined Disney in Camp Rock a couple years ago. But I took some time to listen to her album yesterday and she has some REALLY GREAT SONGS. She is an AMAZING singer with great vocal range, which I never noticed in her old songs. (And if you check some videos of her singing live, she really is that good, no editing) Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Who’s that boy? – Feat. Dev (I don’t know who that is but this song is good)
  2. Together – Feat. Jason Derulo (I think this song is more popular because of Jason Derulo, but not one of my personal favorites)
  3. Unbroken (the signature song, very cute!)
  4. Fix a Heart (has a bit of a Taylor Swift sound to it, I like it)
  5. For the Love of a Daughter (SO GOOD. Great vocal range, inspirational, sad lyrics!)
  6. In Real Life (Has an old-fashioned techno-pop feel; I kind of like it)

I’d definitely recommend you check out her new album and all the new songs!(:


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