Best Ways to Ace that TEST!

7 Sep

So with all the tests coming now that school has started back I decided it might be a good idea to make an entry about studying. (not the most interesting I know, but it has to get done!) Here are my ideas:


  • Turn off your iPod – you might be able to do your math homework while listening to Neon Trees, but studies show that even if you get the problem right, your mind doesn’t absorb as much when your music is blasting.
  • Put your phone away – yeah, I know: You can reply to the text message and then finish the math problem. Unfortunatley, your brain takes 20 MINUTES to get back in full focus after every text message you recieve. Do yourself a favor, put up your phone. You will finish faster and do better
  • Short periods of time – this requires some planning ahead but it is so. Much. Easier. I promise! Just study for five or ten minutes each day if you have a quiz next week. By next week you’ve studied over and hour and you ACTUALLY remember what you studied because you didn’t overdo it.


  • flashcards: always good because they’re small and you can carry them in your pocket to study on-the-go
  • I heard this is good, I haven’t used it myself. But I would reccommend it because so many people give positive reviews
  • video chat: one of the more fun ways, but you have to stay on task! Get on video chat with a friend and study each night before a test. It’s more fun to have a partner!
  • study guide: this is boring but it works so well! Hand write a summary of your notes from class into a short study guide (2-3 pages at most; outline format suggested) Writing it will help you to remember it and then reading over it after will help so much!


  • classical music? – come people say that they HAVE to have background noise. Since normal music can be a distraction, I recommend classical music. I know, for most people it’s not the coolest. But studies show it makes you smarter and helps when studying!
  • Figure out your learning style – visual, hands-on, listening, etc. use that to help you pick the best method of studying!



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