31 Aug

Here are some of my favorite music sharing programs:


  • PANDORA: this is an app for the iphone and a website, it’s free but you can upgrade. You can add radio stations from your favorite artists and you can skip songs like an ipod.
  • GROOVESHARK.COM: I would reccomend this site to anyone! Totally free, you do have to register but you can add virtually ANY song you’ve ever heard of, make playlists, put it on shuffle/repeat. It also has the option to turn on a radio single so that it plays songs like the ones you’re listening to (a way to find new music artists you might like)
  • FREE MUSIC APP: This is a new app for the iphone/ipod/ipad and it’s a totally LEGAL way to download any free song you want. The only deal is you need to have internet. Other than that, free, no registration. All you have to do is go on the internet through the app and find the song you want and it saves it to the app. When you want to listen to your music you just open the app and it plays like a regular iPod.

Hope this helps 🙂



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