Bored in Class????

29 Aug

So this year I got really lucky and I have all great classes. SERIOUSLY! 🙂 I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. All great teachers, friends in all my classes, easy subjects. But all that got me thinking about how in previous years I really did hate some classes. They were boring, or the teachers were no fun, I didn’t have any friends in my class, we always just listened to a lecture, there HAD to be SOMETHING. So, for those of you who got my bad luck this year, I made a list of things you can do in class when you’re bored:

  1. Doodle – universal boredom technique. 🙂
  2. Pass notes!
  3. Write a note to a friend and stick in their locker in between classes – always a fun surprise!
  4. Write notes all in your textbook and then trade with a friend so they can read them next class period.
  5. Make a list of things you want to this weekend – shopping, mani-pedi, etc.
  6. Play M.A.S.H. with all your friends’ names
  7. Draw a picture and don’t color it, in between your next class trade with a friend, color each others, and post them in your lockers.
  8. Start your homework
  9. Do the homework you didn’t finish 🙂
  10. Study for the science quiz you just might have next period 🙂
  11. email and IM your friends
  12. use your colored pens and give yourself a tattoo
  13. say you’re “sick” and go to the nurse, she’ll probably tell you to lie down for a few minutes – catch up on your sleep!
  14. Use paint pens, markers, and pens to decorate your binders, textbooks, etc.
  15. Color your flip flops or converse
  16. Write your own song lyrics or poetry

That’s all I have for now but I will add more later 🙂 enjoy!!!!


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