School Pressure and How to Deal with Stress

27 Aug

We’ve all been there: freaking out the night before a test because you didn’t have time to study, cramming before that AP bio exam, signing up for WAY too many after school activities. You name it. But letting all that stress pile up doesn’t help anything. So, here are my tips for you to deal with stress:



grades are important, but don’t let them scare you too much. Here’s what you need to know:

  • the one trick you need to know to studying is short sessions! Have a quiz in history next week? If you just review for five minutes each day until the quiz, you’ll be ready. The key is to focus on one thing: today study Louis XIV for 5 minutes, tomorrow study the Pope for 5 minutes (and quickly look over the Louis XIV notes one more time) and so on.
  • Stay organized – you can’t study or be successful if you’re not organized. Do yourself a favor and cut out half of the stress.


Don’t freak out, you have time.

  • Stay focused on your grades but try not to stress too much over what you’re going to do when you get them
  • You always have the option of “undecided major” 🙂 When people ask you what you want to do, don’t worry too much. If you feel like you don’t have a good response, you can always say you want to “wait to decide so that you can make the best desicion”


    • extra curriculars look great on college applications but you don’t want to overload yourself! And if you overdo the extracurriculars, your grades will probably drop, which isn’t good for college. (not to mention the lack of sleep!)
    • try different things and work on leadership skills too – if you do volleyball go for team captain, try the lead in the school play, join a club, sign up for yearbook committee
  •  paint your nails – this is proven to take away your stress
  • take a break – been studying and doing homework for a couple hours? stop and have a snack or go outside for a walk to relax. when you come back, you will be more focused and will actually work better
  • don’t be afraid to tell people your overdone! you might have to tell your teacher once that you were at sports practice late and couldn’t do but half of the worksheet for math. You might have to tell your friends you can try lacrosse with them this spring because you already signed up for something else and you aren’t sure you can handle it.
  • spend the day with yourself – or the weekend! 😀 cancel your plans and relax, catch up on Glee you missed, and enjoy the quiet! Even better, invite your friends over for the day and do a spa: facials and mani-pedis! Catch up on your sleep to prepare yourself for Monday and the start of a great new week!

hope this helps!!! 🙂


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