Relationships and Dating

27 Aug


People tell you that guys don’t care about your looks but, let’s be honest, most of us think about how a guy looks if we’re interested in him. They’re just the same as us. But even though an honest guy might tell you that he cares about looks, truth is: if you show a guy your great personality, they will care about that even more.

Getting to Know Him?

Piece of advice: don’t go out with someone on a whim. Get to know them. Talk to them, be their friend, find common ground. Find guys with the personality types you like: funny, smart, brave, positive, whatever you like!

What you need to do:

Even though we have some stuff in common with guys, they’re still really different from us. Even though you want to be yourself, keep in mind a few small changes you could make to get along better:

  • show him you care by bringing up topics he talked about: did he say last week that he was going to go out with his family for his mom’s birthday last night? today, ask him how it went and tell him to wish his mom a happy birthday
  • surprise him! Is he playing in the big basketball tonight? You could stick a note in his locker wishing him good luck and be at the game to cheer him on. Plan a celebration dinner afterwards? Invite all your friends!!

First dates?

looking for fun first dates but not the typical “dinner and a movie”? Here are a few ideas:

  • beach party – get a bunch of friends and go to the beach (or the pool) and stay out: BBQ, grill burgers, play volleyball, go swimming, have a campfire! Really romantic but not to serious
  • Go to a school sports event with dinner after
  • Go bowling! – Bowling alleys are so much fun!

* avoid places like the mall, where you could possibly drag the guy around to do just what he hates the most

Embarrasing Date Moments! ( to read more!)

“In French class, we
were told to study with partners for a test. I got paired up with my crush, and
we ended up flirting. Finally, I got up the nerve to ask if he’d be interested
in going out with someone like me. He paused and I got so nervous waiting that
I let out a gigantic fart! Everyone stared at me and laughed!”

“I was with my great new boyfriend at prom. We hadn’t been
seeing as much of each other lately, so I wanted to spend as much time with him
as possible. We were dancing, and having a ton of fun! Then, he told me he had
to go do something, and that he’d be right back. So I hung out with my friends
for about five minutes, until one of my friends noticed my boyfriend and a girl
sitting on a bench laughing and smiling at each other! ‘Who’s that girl your
boyfriend’s with?’ my friends were asking me. I was mortified! I watched them
with each other then decided that I was going to make him jealous. I started
dancing with different guys, and making sure he saw me. He started giving me
puzzled looks, and I just shot him dirty looks in his face. I kept dancing and
giving him regular glares. Then I realized he was behind me, he whispered in my
ear, ‘She’s my cousin!’ I was so embarrassed!”


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