Get Organized! Back-2-School TIPS

27 Aug


@ School –

keep your locker organized – get those extra papers out!

keep an agenda – not on your phone! keep an old fashioned paper one (maybe a small one you can fit in your purse) and write all your stuff down— not just school! This way, you have it all in one place and you don’t have to check three different planners to see what you’re doing this weekend! If it’s on your phone, you might not be able to write your homework in it at school.

@ Home –

Have a “get it signed” folder – put all the papers you need to get signed (slips, permission forms, syllabus for science class, forms, dentention slip :O) and plan a time (daily, weekly, etc.) to give it to your parents so you will have everything signed and on time

white board – hang up a white board (maybe in the kitchen, where everyone can see it) and write down what you need do everyday. If you write it in the kitchen, then you can write a note that other people need to see (mom, pick me up @ 4:30 after cross country practice; dad – pick up a poster board for my science project) Now everybody gets what they need to get done – thanks to you! 🙂




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