5 Things People Don’t Like

23 Jul

Have you ever met someone and right away the way they act just seems like a major turn-off? I know I have. So to make the world a better place, here are a couple ideas to fix that: šŸ˜‰

1. The Person who Whines: nobody likes the person who is always whining and complaining the moment something goes wrong for them. Everyone doesn’t want to listen to your problems.

2. The Person who Brags: don’t do it. Every once in a while, sure, we all have bragging rights. But unless it’s something big, people don’t like to see you show off to them about what they don’t have, even if it’s unintentional.

3. The Person who always finds someone else to blame – If it’s your fault, take responsibility. Even if it’s not, pointing fingers isn’t going to help. If it’s been done, it’s been done.

4. TheĀ Snob who Takes Advantage – don’t do it. Don’t be a snob on brandnames, people, places, nothing. And do not turn around when you need something and act nice. It’s not cool to take advantage of someone and they’re going to tell other people you did. You don’t want that reputation.

5. The One who’s Desperate for Popularity – don’t be the person who follows around the “cool” kids, if they don’t like you, it’s their loss! There are plenty of people who will except you without asking you to change and fit their standards.




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