Beauty Items Every Girl Needs!

20 Jul
“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”
  1. Nair Shower Power Hair Removal Cream – This is a great product to use when you go to the beach! It is so easy because you just apply it and it stays on while you shower. Before you get out, you just take the sponge (comes with it) and wipe it all off. Easy as that! It lasts almost a week and a half before you see any hair and it is okay for sensitive skin. The only problem is that one whole container only gives you two uses, so it’s best to use it on your upper-thighs and places that you can’t do as easily with a razor. Save the rest to shave yourself.
  2. Chi Silk Infusion Hair Product – Amazing! You can use this after you get out of the shower, use a dime size and work it through your hair evenly. (wet or dry hair, both work) It fights frizz, gets rid of flyaway hairs, protects it from the heat of flat irons and hair dryers, and best of all softens!!! 
  3. Chi Flat Iron/Straightner – This is great even if you naturally have straight hair, it fixes waves you wouldn’t normally notice. It works to well to make your hair look full while still straightened or a thin and straight, good for anything.
  4. Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner – A line of hair products for any type of hair, works through well and easily, comes in cute flavors, and smells great!!! They also have a wide variety: general, curly hair, straight hair, anti-frizz, etc.
  5. Buxom Mascara – By far the best brand of mascara I have ever used!!! I have had people ask me if I am wearing fake eyelashes with just one coat! (no joke) If you’re blonde, use a brown shade and black works well on dark hair.
  6. Any Nice Makeup Brush Set – Any brand works just as well, but always have good brushes for applying makeup!!! You would be surprised what a difference it makes. Your foundation looks amazingly natural, and you can do a lot more on your eyes, you can even use thin brushes to apply eyeliner on the top or bottom.
  7. Juicy Couture “Viva La Juicy” Perfume – When I started wearing this, all my friends went out and bought it too! 🙂 It smells amazing, and every says so. It’s a little pricey, but so beyond worth it and comes with a lotion and body wash.
  8. Bath & Body Works: Sweet Pea Body Scrub – Any scent is great, (this one is my favorite!) and it great to use on your hands and legs. It makes them soft and feels nice!
  9. Dry Shampoo – These can be cheap or expensive, depending on the brand and where you buy it but it’s so worth it. Believe it or not, if you wash your hair everyday, it’s getting dried out. You can get this in a bottle or a brush and just work it through your hair on the days that you don’t wash it in the shower. It removes excess oil and it’s great for on the go.
  10. Smash Box Photo Finish Primer – Depending on whether or not you buy this brand, apply a primer under or over your makeup to conceal pores and give yourself a finished look. (You can also just wear it by itself and it works well)
  11. ColoreScience Powder Sunscreen – By far a must-have! You can apply this over or underneath makeup and it has a skin-colored tone. It comes SPF 50 and protects your skin all day long. It’s in a brush that’s small and portable for on-the-go, anti-aging coverage.

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