Back to School List: My Version

20 Jul

Get all these back to school items to be prepared and cute for your first day! 🙂

  • Flash drive – good to transfer homework, papers, etc. from school computers to your own
  • 3-ring binders – get the cute colorful kind
  • A purse – get a cute original purse (something that can go good with any outfit, a neutral color); depending on how many books you have you can get a purse big enough to carry books from class to class
  • Colored pens – cute for notes and good to color-code and study!
  • Mechanical Pencils – more expensive but last just as long, look better, and no more sharperning!
  • Tide Stain Stick – this is a life saver for that pretty light colored shirt you just bought! When you stain or spill you can pull it out of your purse and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day
  • Highlighters – great for note-taking and reading in your textbook
  • Organizer/planner – somewhere where you have everything you need written down: sports practices, club meetings, going out with friends, homework assignments, etc. If you get a calendar type planner, make sure to get one with big squares to fit everything for the day!
  • Spiral notebooks – get some cute ones, or plain ones that you want to decorate in that boring class, to take notes and doodle in. It’s a good idea to get a three-hole punched one so that you can slip it right into your binder with all your other courses.
  • Locker Decorations – pictures, a magnetic mirror, locker wallpaper from the office supply store, magnets to hold up your stuff, and a locker shelf if your locker doesn’t have one!




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