Making Money

19 Jul

I don’t know about you, but for me, cash is a must in the summer. We’re out of school, so we’re out with our friends, at the pool, the beach, the mall, the movies. (basically everywhere needs money!!!) If you’re not that kid who gets as much money on request from your parents, I have a couple ideas to make a few extra bucks:

  • do some extra chores – I know this one sucks. But you might be able to bargain with your parents and get some easy chores.
  • babysit – this is a good idea because you can babysit a sibling or a younger cousin if you don’t have kids in your neighborhood. You’d be surprised by how easily little kids can be entertained, so this doesn’t take a lot of work
  • sell your old stuff on eBay – this is free and easy, no work involved. If you don’t have anything to sell, your parents probably could use your help to post their stuff online for sale and might not mind if you want a small cut
  •  get a job – this one isn’t so fun but you can start working in the summers as early as 15. A lot of camps have a jobs available for camp counselors and would love help. You and your friends can apply!

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